Saints Row 2022

Working with our small lighting team, I got to take ownership of roughly a third of the open world, several POIs and missions, weather states, and key marketing art.
With 30 fps on PS4 as our target, we made careful use of our in-house dynamic-focused lighting to focus fidelity where it mattered most. With careful setup of cell distribution, light blockers, and toggling of TOD features, we freed budget for additional opportunities. We made use of that budget on practical lights, pushed with additional placed light augmenting creative direction technical weaknesses.
District and POI lighting were differentiated with strong lighting plans. Playing with the variety of color, shape language, fixtures, fog, and more allowed this one city to feel alive and vibrant with plenty of variety.
All materials in owned spaces were balanced for PBR compliance and shifted color choices to maximize the desired mood of the space. It was also key to maintain consistency in key project tones for factions and characters here.
Weather states were built from tuned TOD profiles playing with the many variables for the excellent volumetric cloud and atmospheric scattering system built by the engine team.
Thanks so much to the amazing team at Volition for making such a fun world that I got the pleasure light up!
Images from official press kit, and player-owned-buildings shots from Sean Koske